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Our Children 

Lwandle is a densely populated area of 1.2 km in radius with 20,000 people living in 6500 households. 22% of the population are 9 years old and under; half of these are in the 0–4 year-old age group numbering approximately 2200. Parents and caregivers of the children are mostly employed in the Helderberg Basin, largely within the building industry, domestic work, or restaurants; although as many as 60% are still unemployed. Most of the children are of South African-isiXhosa heritage. Emyezweni Preschool is a haven where the small children of Lwandle can play, learn and develop to be ready for life and advance in their education journey.

All stories, photos and videos are used with permission according to the POPI Act and our child protection policy.

"Ndithembise ukuba uya kuhlala ukhumbula: unesibindi kunokuba ukholelwa kwaye unamandla kunokuba ubonakala kwaye uhlakaniphile kunokuba ucinga "

"Promise me you'll always remember:

you are braver than you believe and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think."

Winnie the Pooh, A.A Milne

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